"It just makes sense..."

"I've been in the cable business most of my life. Our company is located in Linton, North Dakota. We bury fiber and power cable for most of North Dakota and northern South Dakota. I shopped around a long time for a cable trailer that was multi-functional and easy to operate. Sure, I could have bought a cheaper frame mounted cable cart but that wasn't what suited my needs. I needed a trailer that we could use day in and day out and stand up to the punishment of being used by many different crewmen. Since I have purchased a Larson Cable Trailer, I have increased my productivity enormously. You can use the LCT for so many tasks. It's so versatile and there's no trailer on the market like it. Sure, you can buy a traditional cable trailer along with a dump truck, flat bed trailer, figure 8 eliminator and add hydraulics to your equipment but that's a lot of money invested when the Larson Cable Trailer can do it all! It just makes sense."

- Mylo Kramer, Owner K&H Electric Inc. - Linton, ND 58552

"...The Larson Cable Trailer does it all."

Elliot Construction is an underground utility installation and maintenance company based in Sioux Falls, SD. Much of our work is performed within the city, causing us to need a wide variety of equipment. One of the most versatile, durable and just plain handy machines we have is the Larson Cable Trailer. We transport, wind and unwind and pull fiber almost daily with our units. We use the trailer daily for loading and transporting innerduct reels, as well as co-ax and the heaviest fiber reels. From a safety standpoint, the Larson trailer is the only way to handle some of these products. For our rural work and figure 8'ing needs, the Larson Trailer is an essential part of our equipment lineup. The speed and ease of operation make it superior to any other method we've used. From transporting product to unwinding and level rewinding, from hauling and dumping materials with the gravel box to hauling the four wheeler, the Larson Cable Trailer does it all!

- Keith Toczek, Elliot Construction. - Yankton, SD 57078
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