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LCT-7500 - Tandem Axle Cable Trailer
The LCT-7500 comes standard with a V-twin engine with a 2 stage hydraulic system for high speed or high torque, 1 arbor with a set of bushings and lock collars for a single reel, auxiliary quick couplers for operating hydraulic tools, a hand brake on the reel turning axle and a wood deck. This trailer has a 7,500lb payload capacity and is equipped with (2) 6,000lb Dexter Torflex Axles.

Non Captive Parts
While the overall design and unique features of the Larson Cable Trailer are patented, the trailers non captive parts are universally available simplifying routine maintenance and repair. Most moving parts may be obtained at your local parts or hardware stores. All hoses have a 3000 psi capability and have standard JIC fittings, which can be purchased anywhere hoses and fittings are sold.
The Hydraulic Reel Turner is used to unwind or rewind cable. It can be adjusted to drive a wide range of cable spool sizes and combinations. When handling inner duct, the Hydraulic Reel Turner assists in holding the inner duct on the reel for better control and easier handling. The Reel Turner is equipped with a mechanical disc brake to provide drag or prevent back lashing when figure 8ing or stringing out cable.
The Hydraulic Lifting Rack makes loading and unloading a simple, one person operation. The lifting rack has the strength to raise large reels, transformers, loaded dumpster and more. It also features adjustable arm length setting for 6 foot to 12 foot diameter cable or inner duct reels. Larson Cable Trailers are capable of lifting and carrying 4 small or 2 medium reels.
When loading heavy reels, Stiff Legs are used on the single axle trailers to support the rear of the trailer. Using this feature will avoid any unnecessary stress to the tongue of the trailer or vehicle pulling the Larson Cable Trailer.
Our greasable Arbor Bushings allow the reel to spin with minimal resistance. The Lock Collars lock the reel in place to prevent side to side movement, as well as providing a hook to attach the dumpster chains. Also used to tie to materials you may want to lift up onto the trailer bed.
For a smoother ride we build each Larson Cable Trailer on a Dexter Torflex Axle. At any posted highway speed limit, the trailers smooth ride is both safer for the driver and easier on the trailer and its cargo.
The Hydraulic Valve Control Panel swings out from the trailer, allowing a single crew member to view and operate the Hydraulic Reel Turner and Figure 8 assembly. When not in use the control panel swivels out of the way and is secured easily with a locking mechanism.
When not carrying cable reels, the trailer can be used as a 5 foot by 6 foot flatbed trailer for hauling small equipment and other materials. The trailer bed features treated wood decking, for long life and durability.
The Auxiliary Hydraulic couplers enable you to use other hydraulic tools such as a hydraulic drill (impact wrench), ground rod driver, and more. The Accessory Port is used to run attachments such as the Level Winding Device, cap stand, or other attachments.
Our 5620 and 7500 model trailers are powered by a V-twin Engine operating a 12 GPM hydraulic system. The V-Twin engine has proven to be a reliable power source that can be serviced almost anywhere.
The Larson Cable Trailer Figure 8 Assembly reduces the time and man power needed to figure 8 cable. The trailer will safely figure 8 cable and rewind cable at approximately 700' per minute. We have demonstrated and tested this device with most of the Fiber optic cable manufacturers and it has been approved as a safe method of figure 8ing many different types of cable, including ribbon fiber. The time and labor savings this accessory provides equals a significant increase in production and decreases down time.
*Only available as an option when purchasing a Larson Figure 8 Device. The Larson Cable Trailer features two built in receiver hitches that can easily connect other equipment, cable, and wire handling attachments, or even another trailer.
*Only available as an option when purchasing a Larson Figure 8 Device. The Figure 8 Fork allows a single crew member to bring cable straight up off of the figure 8 pile to avoid tangling while rewinding.
To make the flatbed even more practical, we offer optional loading ramps for loading small equipment. Storage areas are built into the trailer.
With the optional Dumpster Attachment, the Larson Cable Trailer becomes an even more versatile tool. The hydraulic lifting rack handily loads the dumpster onto the trailer, even with the dumpster full. Because of its heavy duty steel construction, the dumpster can handle a wide variety of materials, from excess dirt and gravel... to rocks and other debris. The capacity of the dumpster is 2 yards and will operate as a dump truck by fastening to the lower end of the lifting rack.
The Level Winding Device accessory is operated through the auxiliary hydraulics provided by the trailer. It holds any wire or cable in place while level winding back on the reel. This also assists in eliminating the risk of operator injury associated with manually guiding the cable or wire back to the reel.
While stringing cable or wire overhead, the Tension Brake accessory is an exceptional tool to keep steady tension on the reel when stringing over drive ways and roads.
An optional accessory of the Larson Cable Trailer is the Cold Weather Start Kit. Used for by-passing the hydraulics while warming up the engine.
Need to move a pad-mount transformer or string overhead wire? The winch accessory is a very handy tool for many jobs! Also comes in handy when framing poles for overhead wire!
The Articulating pole for the Figure 8 device/blower allows for several different configurations to fit the situation you are working with.
Larson Cable Trailers now offer a Fiber Blowing Attachment that mounts into the figure 8 device. Many customers have utilized this attachment for short runs of 1,000’-1,500’ or longer runs up to 6,000’-8,000’. We have had great success blowing most 1-1/4” duct runs with a common 175 air compressor found at many rental stations. The blower body is from Condux and is compatible with most of their venturi’s, seals and duct adaptors found on the larger units. This compact, easy to use and setup unit comes in a heavy duty aluminum tool box.
The Auto-Luber will allow you to add lubricant into the duct during the process without having to shut everything down and stop the momentum. This comes in handy during longer runs or runs with a lot of twists and turns or ups and downs.
Diesel power now available on either the LCT-7500 & LCT-5620 trailers.
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