Fiber Industry


*those listed in bold indicate options available for the trailers.

FIBER OPTIC Industry (Private contractors, Telephone Co-ops, Telecommunications):
  • Figure 8'ing of fiber optic cable. Only 2 people required for this operation. Extremely fast operation, requiring minimal area to figure 8, and greatly reduces the chances of twisting your loops up. Cable can be figure 8'ed at approximately 750'/minute, resulting in increased production. Several companies have done cost analysis on the trailer and comparing it to the "by hand" method, some have seen enough of an increase in production to pay for the trailer in about 2 weeks of use. Not only are you increasing production, you are reducing labor costs by taking the figure 8 process from being a 5-6 man operation to a 2 man operation that can quite often double production in a day.
  • The Larson trailer and Figure 8 device have been tested and approved as a safe method of handling nearly every brand of Fiber Optic cable, documentation is available upon request.
  • Use to roll off "job lengths" of fiber off a master reel. Allows contractors to buy fiber on large reels and cut off what they need for a specific job. Fiber is extremely hard to get now and ordering in large quantities makes it easier to stock full reels and cut into pieces as you need it.
  • Fiber Blowing Attachment makes the Larson trailer convert quickly to a fiber blowing trailer.
  • In a plowing situation, the trailer and reel of fiber can be out ahead of the plow train getting the cable figure 8'ed and pulled through bores, this keeps the plow train moving and results in more production.
  • A Plow-Mount Kit is available to allow you to Figure 8 cable without removing the reel from the reel carrier on your plow. You simply raise the plow blade up out of the ground, remove the cable from the plow chute, and attach the Larson Figure 8 device to a bracket on the plow, and power it with the tractor's hydraulics – and you can Figure 8 the cable off the plow. No need to remove the reel and put it on the Larson, this saves even more time & effort. Note: Having the "reel tender" option on your plow is a plus, as the reel tender acts as your "brake" and also is the "power take up" for re-winding your wire back onto the reel.
  • A Remote Control Unit is available, and useful when the pile of fiber cannot be seen by the guy running the trailer, another person can be in line of site with both the trailer and figure 8 pile and can operate the trailer. (up to 1500' line of site)
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